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About Us

JSA was founded in 2005 and has been building mobile apps since 2009. We get excited about new technologies and care greatly about relationships. You’ll have direct contact with our development team, with full collaboration from day one.

Meet Our Team

Julius Spencer


With a background in mechanical engineering and telecommunications, Julius has deep and broad experience with networking, programming and a number of industries.
When he's not at work he can be found ocean swimming, running, gaming and spending time with his family.


Emi Legaspi


Emi’s journey in tech started when she got her degree in Information Technology from the Philippines. From Android to React and React Native, she’s enthusiastically been on a quest to work on apps that directly impact and provide happiness to users.

Sam Freeman


Sam joined the team in 2013 after completing a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering. He started off developing applications for Android devices and has since expanded to writing cross platform apps, websites and back-end APIs.
When not at the beach or watching sports games, can be found slaying the monsters of Diablo.

Mark Hine


Mark started as an Electrical apprentice straight out of high school and continued on through AUT Computer Science and IT degree majoring in software development.
First starting at JSA on April 1st 2014, he worked solely on Android apps, then expanded to React and React Native while continuing to develop skills in native Android development. His mantra is, changing the world, one app at a time. Watch this space to find out if his time at JSA was all an elaborate April fools joke.
In his spare time he likes to help save the world in Overwatch or visit new and exciting coffee shops with his partner.

Natalia Dimitrieva


Natalia Dmitrieva is a software developer at JSA who has a degree in Applied Informatics. She is always motivated to grow and believes being a programmer means always learning. With mobile development, she is always improving her skills to create high-quality products.
Natalia has multiple hobbies including reading and hiking. She likes to try new things and combine active hobbies with relaxing time with family.